What does the term Plastic Surgery mean?
Does it mean you use plastic products?

I‘m planning on Breast Augmentation but I don’t want to look too large.
What can I tell my surgeon?

My breasts are saggy and I don‘t want to have a breastlift.
Can’t I just have a breast augmentation?

I’m having trouble losing weight.
What should I know about Liposuction?

I don’t like my abdomen after having two children.
Are there other procedures that will improve the appearance of my abdomen?

I don’t like my jowls and lowset eyebrows.
Can I just have some Botox injections because I don’t want to have any surgery?

I want a facelift but don’t want the “Wind Tunnel” effect.

There are many ads about “Fillers”.
Do they work and do they last?

General Discussion regarding Facelifts.

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