As we age, one of the first changes noted is in the appearance of the upper lip.

As early as age 25, an overall lengthening of the upper lip is evident. By the time a person reaches age 45, a full face photograph with a relaxed expression may reveal that you cannot see the upper teeth, which is the hallmark of an old upper lip.

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A secondary change is that the upper lip becomes thinner and loses its youthful fullness and can take on the appearance of a thin curtain covering the upper teeth.

The upper lip can be shortened by an office procedure done under local anesthesia. By making a small incision at the base of the nose, the youthful appearance of the upper lip is restored. Previously thought to have been lost to the passing of the years and aging, the elongated, thin upper lip can be transformed.

To restore volume to a thinned upper lip, newly developed soft silicone implants can give a youthful fullness. Unlike small volume injectable fillers which are eventually absorbed- sometimes unevenly- these procedures must be repeated. The unique silicone implants are easily removed or changed in size, as an office procedure. This soft silicone implant allows the patient to have a permanent symmetrical solution to their thin lips that feels and looks natural.

A roll-down procedure will increase the amount of the red (vermillion) part of the lip. This technique is used frequently in the upper lip. The recovery time from this procedure can be 3-4 months due to the delicate surgery that is required.

Your own fat or a dermal graft can be used to increase the volume of your upper or lower lip.

It is possible with small incisions and flap transpositions, to elevate the corners of a downward turning mouth to soften and eliminate a frowning appearance.

There are many techniques that can make your lips more youthful and attractive. Don’t forget your lips when trying to attain a rejuvenated and youthful look.

Before – Thin Lips
After – Full Lips