If you’re considering Botox…

Botox has received a tremendous amount of attention since the FDA approved the product for the treatment of certain facial wrinkles.

Facial wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors: aging, heredity, sun exposure, smoking and repeated facial expressions (smiling, frowning, etc.). The repeated movement of facial muscles causes the skin to fold and unfold and to eventually crease. And as skin becomes less elastic over time, repeated facial expressions may create visible lines and wrinkles-even when your face is relaxed.

Botox has become a popular treatment for wrinkles on specific areas of the face. These areas are between the eyebrows (“11” lines), the forehead and the skin around the eyes (“crows feet”).

Botox has to be injected into the muscle underlying the facial wrinkle. The doctor who injects Botox should have an anatomic knowledge of the multiple facial muscles.  The Botox solution weakens the muscles ability to contract, which reduces the crease in the face. For some people, Botox can dramatically reduce these facial creases.

It is important to note that this improvement is temporary. For most people, the procedure is effective for about 4 months. To keep the wrinkles reduced the procedure must be repeated and, if done on a regular schedule, the time interval between injections increases.

If you would like more information about Botox, Allergan, the company that manufactures Botox, has created a website about the product. You can find the site at: